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Eric Caprarese

Network marketing top earner, motivational speaker and industry leader. Grateful to be sharing life with a wonderful lady and my two sons.

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The Premier MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Interview

If you don’t know him, It’s only because you’ve never needed an attorney within the MLM industry.  When you want the best, Kevin Thompson is recognized as the one to go to.

This Morning I was lucky enough to spend some time with Kevin in a one on one interview that I hope gives you more insight into the industry, my view points and maybe even a little more information on what I’m all about.

There’s really not a lot for me to say about the interview, It really speaks for itself.  The title is simple “MLM Attorney, Kevin Thompson, interviews top networker, Eric Caprarese.  We discuss the role leaders play in moving product and specific strategies to build a large fan base on Facebook”, but the reason I am going to push this interview throughout the social networks is to help make more people aware of Kevin and the service he has done, and still does today, for our industry.

If you got something good from the interview, please “LIKE” it and even pass it on.  Here you go:

Then…To reach Kevin directly…here is his site… MLM Lawyer


~ Eric Caprarese

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