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Eric Caprarese

Network marketing top earner, motivational speaker and industry leader. Grateful to be sharing life with a wonderful lady and my two sons.

Hard work and dedication can improve lives...

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A good reputation means everything and knowing you are aligning yourself up with a legitimate leader is essential to your success.  Here are some user submitted testimonials.

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THANKS ERIC! You guys have really been great to me! I'm 55yrs. young and i never had this much help in such a short period of time as has occurred here. The last co. I was with took my money every month and I had no help what so ever. What a difference in the two companies! You guys will always have my loyalty,effort and friendship! THANK YOU AGAIN


Eric! THANK YOU for everything you did for me and this group today!!!! Can I set a goal to do ten 3-ways with you a day?? Will that drive you crazy??!! By the end of the day people in my group wanted to do 3- ways with me cause I sounded like you!! I made $150 today! It will get better from here!! I APPRECIATE YOU BIG TIME!!!!

Bob Cadle

Congrats Eric....you deserve all the good that comes your way! You have WORKED for it.

Sandi Krakowski

I admire you a lot and hope to be where you are! God bless ALL that you do Eric! You are an amazing leader.

Dave & Teresa Marzion

I am proud to be on a winning team. Eric is a leader to whom Teresa and I look forward to being apart of this family and look forward growing with Eric. Teresa and I are proud to be apart of this wonderful opportunity and realize that the timing could not be more perfect. Thanks Eric for your support.

Penny, AZ

It is has been a great honor to be a part of our company and our great team, We have the most sincere and wonderful group of people who are all working together to help each other reach our dreams! Eric Caprarese has been the most awesome upline I have had in the industry. He has earned all that he has achieved and he is the most down to earth, caring, person. For someone who has reached about 59,000+ people to work with, he still helps each and every person he can!! What a hard working, great team we all are on!!! Thanks.

Jennifer Thompson-Smith, Portland, Oregon

I have been in and around the marketing industry for just over 16 years. In all of this time I have seen companies come and go and and have been affiliated with some of the most successful top income earners in the business. Having said that, I am most proud of my affiliation with Eric Caprarese. Working with him has always been and continues to be an amazing gift. His ability to lead, inspire, encourage, and drive our team to the top is like nothing I have ever experienced! If you are currently a member of his team, you're already on the way to the top, if you are considering joining his team, you are making the best financial decision of your life! Get ready for an incredible ride! Thanks Eric, you’re the best!


You have been a consistent and gentle inspiration to me with your fresh and genuine delight at finding yourself so successful marketing your products and wanting that for all of us too. I love being on your team, and seeing how you do indeed help many of us build our businesses. Thank you.

Mike Bollinger

The absolute best thing about Eric is his willingness and availability to help you when you need help. Eric's professionalism with his kindness makes a powerful combination in leader and friend.

Mark J, North Dakota

Eric has been an inspiration to me to keep going with the business.