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Eric Caprarese

Network marketing top earner, motivational speaker and industry leader. Grateful to be sharing life with a wonderful lady and my two sons.

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Dr. Lynn Ridenhour, PhD

Eric and I go way back. We’ve failed at some. We’ve succeeded at some. The thing I love about Eric’s friendship is—no matter what, the glass is always half full! Never half empty. No matter what network marketing company Eric and I have been with, Eric always goes to the top. I don’t know what it is; well, I think I do. It’s his never-ending energy and bubbling-over smile. And laugh! That laugh! I’m telling you, it’s downright contagious. People are drawn to it, myself included. Besides, everyone wants to be around a winner. A happy winner at that.

Don’t get me wrong. Eric would be the last to say these things about himself. His humility is genuine. In fact, he would never say these things about himself. But don’t be fooled. Underneath there smolders a fierce competitor. That’s what I like about my friend. In one way, he’s a walking contradiction: always loving and thinking of others but always strategizing his next move to the top. Tough as nails but soft as a marshmallow. In another way, he’s as predictable as they come: always focused like a laser beam with one thing on his mind. How do I get to the top?!

I’ve never had a better friend, a better business partner. Paul and Mark, you couldn’t have a better leader at the top leading the way! I’m proud to be Eric Caprarese’s friend and business partner. See You at the Top!