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Eric Caprarese

Network marketing top earner, motivational speaker and industry leader. Grateful to be sharing life with a wonderful lady and my two sons.

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Increasing Your Odds for Success with your New Home Based Business

22 years ago and fresh out of college, I thought I knew everything.   I thought I was pretty much invincible and had all of the knowledge necessary to run my first home based business.

Boy was I wrong.

One of the first rules of starting, running and succeeding with your business was a rule I was not familiar with, and way to proud to accept.  The rule was quite simply to surround myself with other successful, like minded people.   Sadly, when you are willing to stick your neck out and do something that others won’t do, such as starting a new business, you will get your fair share of negativity.  You will also get those that will take advantage of your weaknesses by trying to lead you down roads that most definitely don’t lead you to your goals.   Many of these people (family included) may quite simply be trying to help you out.  Others may be trying to capitalize on your inexperience.

The golden rule I have learned over these past 22 years is to politely listen to your family, move away from the self proclaimed gurus, and find others that REALLY are making a success with their businesses.

Remember, this is your business, your money and your future and it’s your job to make the right decisions to move in the right direction.

Don’t, I repeat, don’t just believe “the hype” from these self proclaimed “leaders”, “trainers”, “teachers”, & “superstars” unless they can prove they really are those things.   PROOF…If they are a success, they will have proof.  They will want to share their proof with you.  If they don’t, RUN.

Again…it’s easy, search for the real winners in your industry.  Surround yourself with them and learn from them.  Duplicate what they do and you increase your odds for success with your new home based business.  ~  Eric Caprarese

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