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Eric Caprarese

Network marketing top earner, motivational speaker and industry leader. Grateful to be sharing life with a wonderful lady and my two sons.

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My Story in Front of 4,300 Smiling Filipinos

People tell me all the time, “I want to hear your story Eric”. 

Well, I just got this video in from our great team in the Philippines.  Here are some pieces of the speech I gave in front of a packed house of fun loving, energized, motivated South East Asians (my new family).

At the Very end I changed up my speech.  I always talk from my heart, and never rehearse what I say when I speak.  I typically say a quick prayer before I get on stage and ask God to direct me as to what to say and how to say it.   I know that what comes out of my mouth (good or bad, strong or weak) was meant to be but this night was different.  I went to a place from my heart that I had never spoken of in nearly 34 years.  I spoke on a subject that has stayed with me every day for those 34 years and I knew this was the time to let the world know a secret about the path and journey I was on and I needed to let that audience know they were with me in a dream when I was only 10 years old.  This was a risk…because the story was more for me than for the audience, but If one person out of over 4,000 saw the bigger picture and was able to say to themselves, “i am in the right place at the right time”, then I knew the risk I was about to take would be well worth it.

You will hear that part of the story at the end of this video.

These people made  my dream a reality that night.  My life has forever changed and I am thankful everyday for the life I live and I hope you are too.

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~ Eric Caprarese

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