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Eric Caprarese

Network marketing top earner, motivational speaker and industry leader. Grateful to be sharing life with a wonderful lady and my two sons.

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The WORLD is Your Oyster

Many don’t realize, as I didn’t, the power of the people around us and how the World truly is your oyster.

Now…when I say around us, I don’t mean in our neighborhood, city, state or even country.  I am talking about the other 195 countries surrounding us.  That’s right…195 different countries with a combined 7 BILLION people looking for something you and I have.

I just returned home from a life changing trip to S.E. Asia when It dawned on me.  In my 22 years of marketing, I have only scratched the surface of what is out there.  I have limited myself and in turn kept my income and possibilities at a much lower level than I should have.

When entering an auditorium of over 4,000 excited people from a third world country all there to hear from me and about my opportunity, a light bulb finally lit up.  I quickly realized there are so many around the world in need…yes…need of what you and I have.   Are they willing to work for it, fight for it, and then thank us for it?  YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE IT!  Fear of the unknown kept me from going global.  The fear I have now…is that you are not passing this to everyone you know to share this awakening I have experienced.  Remember, we are now a world based around technology.  The same technology that we use to share a picture, experience, or favorite quote can now be used to spread the word of your favorite business.  This is the same technology that now allows each of us to connect with million dollar producers that, before, were untouchables.  A simple “hello” on Facebook, or a tweet on Twitter, can open the doors to limitless opportunity and financial gains for us all.

When I spoke on stage this past week in front of those 4,000+ eager, willing and excited people I was jolted by a dream I had had 34 years earlier when I was only 10 years old.   Minutes before being introduced,  I knew it was important to share this story on stage with these strangers to show them that the path I was on, as we all are, is always the right path.

Now this was a chance I took.  You see, I typically stay on course with a speech and have a topic that I stick with, but I knew tonight would have to be different.

As I told my story at the end of my speech I closed with the story of my dream.  Within that dream I paced back and forth from side to side on a stage much like the one I was on and just as I was doing at that very moment.   I then told them I remember speaking from my heart with passion and conviction…non scripted.   I remember looking out into the audience of thousands of people and knowing this was my destiny.   I remember knowing that what I spoke on, and who I spoke to was not yet revealed to me at the tender age of 10.  Something surprising, exciting and awakening to me was that  the crowd of thousand would consist primarily of beautiful Asian faces smiling back at me.  Yes…this was the dream I had had 34 years ago, finally coming to fruition!   This had been the moment I longed for but never thought I would reach nor knew I was destined to reach.  The power of the dream,  the reality, and the conclusion was that it all happened in a far away country on the other side of the world.  A country I had never visited nor thought of visiting.  This was just another stepping stone in life that made me realize, once again, that I was on the right path in life.  The path made for me, just like each of you have a path cut out just for you.

Why marry international markets and growth with a dream from when I was 10?  Very simple.  Your market is not just your city, state or country.   With technology so easy to use, that our parents and grandparents are now able to surf the web, just  know that any of your dreams, regardless of their extremity, can be attained.

The purpose of this blog today is simple.  I want you to know that your dream may be so large and so far away that you feel you could never reach it in this lifetime.  I am hear to tell you…you can and you will, if you believe.

The World is so vast and in such distress that millions are in need of what you have to offer.   Sure you neighbors and family are important, but so are the the families living in third world countries like the one I was so blessed to just visit.  Your dream may be so foolish and extreme that you are scared to share it, but know this…for 34 years I kept my secret dream alive within myself to one day finally release it on a stage to thousands of strangers.   Believe, never set limits, or short yourself on your goals.

You are worth whatever it is you are after and you will receive it if you believe it, but more importantly, if it is meant to be.  Never allow anyone to steal your dream.  Even if it does not turn out the way you expected, trust me when I tell you, it will turn out better.

Life is short, live everyday with passion and tell the ones that mean the world to you how much you love them.

Cheers!  ~ Eric Caprarese


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